Tech Insights: Boundary Defense [Video]

Protecting your network is a top priority. But today’s advanced threats require more than just a solid perimeter. You have to protect every piece of your network. Accudata Systems’ Vid Sista explains...

How to Stop Cyber Attacks - KPRC [Interview]

Cyber criminals are ruthless, and they’re after your personal data. Accudata’s resident white-hat hacker, Josh Berry, and technology practice director Vid Sista sat down with KPRC’s Bill Spencer to...

Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry - Midstream Connect [Interview]

Accudata’s Security Principal Consultant, Jay McMickle sat down with Midstream Business to discuss cyber security from an energy perspective. Jay spoke on everything from the growing trends in...

Midstream Connect: Hackers Intensify Assault On Industry [Interview]

Jay McMickle, Security Principal Consultant, details the rapidly expanding cyber threat to midstream control systems and what companies need to do to keep their operations secure. Watch the full...

How to select a Managed Services Partner [Article]

By Brian DiPaolo, Director of Strategic Services
I'm often asked by companies I talk to, what are the key things that I need to look for when selecting an MSP? It's not always a simple answer, but...

Encryption Works Both Ways – Is Your Network Protected? [Article]

By Jack Wehman, Technical Editor 

Alex Vasquez, Security Solutions Architect

Companies have always tried to watch the data that flows in and out of their networks – because it’s impossible to secure...

What's New with PCI 3.2 [Webinar]

Accudata has been a QSA for more than a decade and has performed over 30 PCI DSS assessments in the past 12 months. We currently have 10 QSAs on staff with an average tenure at Accudata of six years.


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