Is Your Storage Future Proof? [Article]

By Jack Wehman, Content Strategist

Contributions by Michael Stringer, Data Center Solutions Architect

Companies are generating more data than ever before. In fact, 90 percent of all data in the world was created in the last two years. All that data means your storage environment is expanding and evolving, and your users’ demand to accessible data is growing as well. 


Your mission-critical applications are expected to perform perfectly—at all times.

That’s not the only storage challenge organizations are trying to solve. Important data lives in different silos. Companies have Tier 1 applications, Tier 2 applications, backup data, unstructured files, and big data applications. This only includes the data that stays inside a company’s network.

Simply put, most storage solutions are not keeping pace with modern business needs. Some vendors are struggling to provide solutions that address modern storage challenges —and that’s why Pure Storage has built their company’s products from the ground up.

“Pure is taking a different approach than the rest of the marketplace. They’re heavily investing in technology like flash modules and software-defined storage,” said Accudata Systems Solutions Architect Michael Stringer. “These new technologies remove the bottlenecks in current flash storage—and can scale out for your Tier 1 apps, your Tier 2 apps, and your big data initiatives."

Pure’s new DirectFlash modules and FlashArray//X solutions provide unparalleled speed and access for organizations looking to provide the best user and developer experience possible. These arrays also drastically reduce your data center rack space requirements. But Pure knows that technology alone doesn’t drive businesses forward. That’s why they changed the way they sell storage as well.

“With Pure’s evergreen purchasing model, you get investment protection, so there’s zero wasted dollars, 99.9999% uptime, and free upgrades for the life of your data,” Mr. Stringer said. “Because Pure focuses on both the hardware and software parts of their solutions, they can guarantee uptime and flat maintenance fees for customers forever. Their purchasing model is light-years ahead of other storage providers.”

Investing in Pure gives your organization the foundation of speed and scalability that you rely on, but it also provides years of upgrades and maintenance that other solutions simply cannot match. For more information on how Pure can give your company an edge over your competitors, visit and fill out the form or call 800.246.4908.

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