Why Managed Services Makes Sense When Migrating to the Cloud [Article]

By Mark Holdsworth, Solutions Architect

Plan for Success: How to Migrate to the Cloud [Article]

If you’re not in the cloud already, you will be soon. 88% of companies will be using at least one cloud application by 2018. Yet somehow, only 25% of organizations have repeatable, managed, or...

A Roadmap to PCI Compliance [Article]

By Elizabeth Whitney, Editor

Hybrid Cloud: the Data Center Strategy of the Future [Article]

IT has the ability to transform organizations. Your company’s employees don’t care about the type of solution or the vendor; they don’t want to read statistics on how efficient they’ll be; they just...

Cloud Security Considerations [Article]

Our cloud experts have summarized the recently released report from the Cloud Security Alliance, Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3.0. Below are the highlights from...

How to Implement an Effective Cloud Security Strategy [Article]

By Vid Sista, Data Center and Security Practice Director

Security Trends and the Attack Continuum [Article]

By Vid Sista, Director of Technology Solutions

It’s time for a new threat-centric security model.

Online attackers are agile and innovative. The security industry is responsive, yet so many...

Top Tips for a Successful VDI Deployment [Article]

By Thanh Nguyen, Data Center Practice Manager

Virtualized environments are becoming more and more prevalent in modern businesses. The ability to deliver a consistent user experience across any device...

10 Considerations When Moving to a Hybrid Cloud [Article]

By Darryl Vinson, Senior Consultant

1. Virtualization

Virtualize as many systems as you can. Flexibility is the key to success when moving to any cloud environment. As you virtualize systems, it will...

Securing SCADA [Article]

Introduction to SCADA

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