Enabling a Remote Workforce with Cisco Webex

With cases of COVID-19 appearing more and more, organizations worldwide are prepping for the increase in remote work to help stop the virus’s spread. Business continuity plans are being reviewed, revised, tested, and executed to ensure the well-being of staff and the business itself. Networking and collaboration tools have become a focal point in continuity plans to meet operational needs while employees aren’t at their offices as usual. Among the many tools allowing businesses to continue their in-house operations during the COVID-19 public health scare is Cisco Webex.


Cisco Webex enables constant contact and collaboration with file sharing, whiteboarding, voice calling, video calling, calendar integration, multiple team threads, and a persistent chat room where all the content shared remains across the life of the room.

Cisco Webex also offers the most powerful online meeting conferencing platform, allowing for several users to join a meeting with the click of a button using their cellphone, tablet, laptop, dedicated Webex device, etc. The participants can have the system call their own number automatically, so no more entering user and conference codes.

If you read our previous blog focused on Microsoft Teams, you may notice many similarities in the solutions. However, Cisco Webex allows for easy communication with outside entities, including customers, vendors, and suppliers. With Webex, workers can collaborate with any other users who have a Webex account.


Like many other manufacturers, Cisco is providing free services to current customers and non-customers. These free services allow businesses to enable their workers, regardless of location, with the most powerful collaboration tools across any device. With Cisco, communication with remotely working teams is seamless, enabling teams to continue being productive while keeping everyone safe.

For individuals and small businesses that need an immediate solution to enable remote working, Cisco is offering free personal accounts on webex.com. Included in a free account are:

  • Unlimited meetings for up to 100 participants
  • Toll dial-in to join a high-quality VoIP meeting
  • Ability to experience meetings on your desktop or mobile device
  • Screen sharing and recording with 1 GB of cloud storage
  • Unlimited messaging with Webex Teams

For organizations and businesses looking to provide employees the ability to host meetings and who require centralized administrative management and reporting capabilities, Cisco is offering a Webex trial. Included in the trial are:

  • Full-featured HD video meetings, content sharing, and recording
  • Unlimited meetings and webinars with up to 200 participants
  • Toll dial-in and VoIP audio
  • Desktop and mobile app experience
  • Unlimited messaging with Webex Teams
  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Directory Sync, and single sign-on (SSO)
  • Analytics and troubleshooting dashboard
  • Device registration
  • Lasts 30 or 90 days, with a 30-day extension available

Cisco is also providing FedRAMP trials for customers who require a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The trial is available for 50 seats up to 1,000 seats per customer for 90 days with a 30-day grace period. The trial includes:

  • Meeting Center 200 (up to 200 attendees in any meeting)
  • Global toll dial-in and VOIP
  • Passwords required for all meetings
  • Excludes personal conference numbers (PCNs)

Customer requests for remote working solutions have greatly increased within the past few weeks in response to COVID-19. Businesses want to maintain their productivity in times of disaster, pandemic, or any other situations preventing their employees from making it to the office. With these collaboration solutions, businesses are better prepared for an influx of remote workers and can continue their normal operations.

By: Luis Grados, Solutions Architect

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