Take the Reins with ServiceNow [Article]

ServiceNow is revolutionizing how organizations get work done. The ServiceNow platform includes innovative features designed to enhance the user experience and implement service intelligence. One key ServiceNow selling point is the fact the activation of platform features is driven by business requirements the client deems important - you are in the driver's seat!shutterstock_1302829030

ServiceNow is not a ticketing system; the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) module is a true service and support force multiplier, enabling the automation of many tasks every service desk manager encounters on a daily basis. ITSM is designed to address every challenge a service desk manager encounters, including help with the following: 

Identify, categorize and prioritize inbound Service Desk activity (phone calls, email and portal-generated activity). Make informed decisions pertaining to Service Desk resource allocation on the basis of trends and performance analytics. Leverage the self-service password reset possibilities (usually one of the highest call and ticket possibilities). Implement industry-standard metrics, benchmarks and key performance indicators. Act on the feedback from client surveys. Explore automation, virtual agent, knowledgebase and other ITSM features to empower clients with the ability to quickly solve issues with minimal or no human interaction.


One common concern every organization encounters is leveraging the full capabilities of the ServiceNow platform. Embracing the full capabilities of your ServiceNow platform can be challenging; often the platform administrator has other duties. Accudata has designed its free Day with an Expert workshop to assess and advise, list easy wins, and develop an implementation roadmap that meets business and budget requirements.

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