Top IT Modernization Strategies for 2019 [Article]

Your IT environment runs your business—but it can always do more. Our experts divulge their top recommendations on keeping up with the pace of change in corporate IT for 2019.


“The threat of ransomware and other malware is still top-of-mind for most IT organizations in 2019. These attacks are not going away, and attackers are continually finding new ways into corporate networks. That’s why having a defined backup strategy is so important—with the proper backups, you can simply roll back your environment to before the attackers took hold. With cloud backups and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), you can ensure your business stays up and your important data remains secure, and it’s easier than ever. Leveraging the agility and speed of the cloud allows you to easily back up and, more importantly, fail over more quickly if a disaster hits.” Oscar Greenwood, Security Solutions Architect

“More and more, organizations are looking for ways to leverage software-defined technology in their environments, and a great way to start is by leveraging a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. SD-WAN allows organizations to bring efficiency, security, and agility to their WAN deployment by using multiple types of circuit connectivity. These solutions allow administrators to push powerful policy changes in a fraction of the time that traditional Command Line Interface (CLI) methods require. SD-WAN also allows organizations to leverage multi-cloud or hybrid cloud deployments more effectively; by virtualizing the WAN infrastructure, organizations can quickly and easily deploy new applications or even new branch locations. Customers are looking for new ways to deploy changes in their networks, and SD-WAN provides that flexibility in spades.” Jason Fackrell, Network Practice Manager

“IT organizations are always looking for ways to simplify and secure their applications and data. Creating a digital workspace is one of the best ways to do just that. Publishing applications, desktops, and collaboration tools to a single self-service user portal, you’re giving employees everything they need to conduct business from whatever platform they have on hand—whether it’s a laptop, tablet, phone, or other device. By using a single pane of glass to deliver services, IT organizations have more control and more security measures they can put in place to control unauthorized access attempts. They can also quickly spin up and deploy new business-critical applications to users. Overall, the digital workspace gives organizations a secure and powerful way to allow users to work how and where they want.” Alejandro Rodriguez, Network Solutions Architect


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